The ILO is an international body dedicated to helping good ideas spread and opening up the accessibility to and participation in the opportunities thereby created; We believe that licensing is the key to achieving this goal.

October 4, 2023

The ILO's roll out of all new brand licensing tools

The ILO has announced the full roll-out of its suite of brand licensing tools accessible to all members ...
February 2, 2023

The ILO's Role in Facilitating Cross-Industry Licensing Partnerships

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized economy, cross-industry licensing partnerships have emerged as a powerful driver of innovation and growth ...

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Matching Great Ideas With Great People

The ILO is enabling a new paradigm where local ideas can spread nationally and cross border to people who resonate with them and can use them to benefit their local community.

We are looking for:

Innovators & Creatives

For the problem solvers, inventors, artists, and innovators; the visionaries, creators, and makers shaping our world.

Operators & Manufacturers

For the operators, integrators and entrepreneurs making visions reality, and the manufacturers and retailers bringing innovations to the market.

Agents & Networkers

For the master connectors, networkers, the agents who link people and ideas, bridging ideas and opportunity

To understand where you fit in:

Licensing Tools

Streamline your licensing processes. The ILO licenses all of our in-house developed software tools to enhance your operations.

Digital Licensing

The ILO has developed tools to digitally match, discover and manage licensing opportunities, pre-qualify licensor's and licensee's offers, sign and store licenses.

Royalty Distribution

The ILO's royalty software streamlines and automates royalty reporting and royalty payments, works with complex royalty structures and unlimited licensee's.

Contract Tracking

The ILO 's license issuance and tracking software enables the digital issuance, agreement, storage, reminders and enforcement of licenses.