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Centre Pompidou (France)The British Library (UK)Museum Fine Arts, Boston (USA)Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Spain)The National Gallery, London (UK)The National Palace Museum, TaiwanThe Brooklyn Museum (USA)Dunhuang (China), All product categories (fashion, home goods, personal care, stationery, electronics, appliance, toys, mobile games, digital collectibles (NFT), including LBE, such as themes restaurants and cafes, art installations, touring exhibitions)
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ARTiSTORY develops art and culture licensing programs that help consumer brands and retailers dramatically improve their shopper acquisitions. ARTiSTORY, a trailblazer in art and cultural IP licensing, was founded in January 2021 by a vanguard team specializing in arts and culture IP licensing. With a comprehensive global presence, ARTiSTORY maintains offices in Raleigh (NC, USA), London, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou.Our distinctive approach, encapsulated in the "Artifacts to Merchandise" strategy, paired with versatile pools of some of the world’s top museums and compelling storytelling capabilities, forms the bedrock of our business model. Visit us to see examples of our art and cultural IP licensing programs with Direct to Consumer brands, retailers, shopping malls, and hotels worldwide.